Sunday, June 14, 2009


Another review at Amazon: Amos Lassen writes
Continuing the Discusson
Tobias Haller looks at the conflict over homosexuality in the Anglican Church and shows that the church is "able to provide for and support faithful and loving relationships between persons of the same sex". He looks at scripture as well as the traditions of the Jewish and Christian religions and uses reason in looking at and dealing with fellow-Christians. Taking into account marriage, procreation, union, and society as well as Christ and the church, he gives an argument for the inclusion of the GLBT community.

Everything Haller writes is sound and reasonable. He maintains that inclusion is consistent with the Anglican tradition and this is seen if we examine scripture closely.

One does not have to agree with Haller but no one can deny that he brings a fresh and thoughtful approach to the subject. Nor does Haller avoid the sensitive as he writes about sexuality, sexual acts and the reality of same-sex couples. He is sensitive and honest but this is not an easy read. It says a lot and it is quite thorough. The book is slim but it is packed full of information. It is a scholarly and spiritual discussion that brings together theology, scripture, anthropology and law and above all else, reason.

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